1. What is the purpose of these bands?

The bands serves to:

· Identify vaccinated persons easily

· Provide persons with the ability to carry their vaccination cards on their wrist

· Act as a medical ID bracelet, if so desired.

2. How secure is this?

Each wristband is assigned a unique 5-digit alphanumeric code, located on the inside of each band.

3. Is it mandatory?

This is an optional third-party service provided to assist society in achieving the new normal.

4. How much are the engraved silicone bands?

Our unique engraved silicone bands retail for $30 TTD. Safe Zone businesses are entitled to 50% discount, and corporate businesses are entitled to 20% discount.

5. Are there optional colours?

All our bands are identical and are uniform in colour for identification purposes.

6. Can the code be used without the band?

The code can be used without the band, if challenged about your vaccination status, simply direct the query to and input the 5-digit code.

7. What happens if my band is damaged or lost?

We will replace your band free of charge.

8. Can I lend my band to someone else?

No. If vaccination status is challenged and bearer of band does not match the ID lodged in the website database, the band will be forfeited and the code deactivated.

9. Can this be used internationally?

The website can be accessed internationally. However, please observe guidelines according to the country in which you are located, as requirements vary globally.

10. What if I need a booster shot in the future?

We can and will update files as necessary.

11. Is my personal information safe?

All data uploaded on our server is accessed only by authorized Verify Vaccinated personnel. The only data being shared is your; Name, Date of Birth, Photo Identification, and your Vaccination Status.